A Conversation With Fear: a fireside chat with a timeless foe

Author: Peter Nez

A conversation to end all conversations about meditation, mindfulness, awareness, and overcoming the world’s greatest foe. Written in mostly dialogue form, this book will change the way you look at fear forever.

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Peter Nez is a writer living in the southwestern United States as well as a writing professor for several top writing programs in the area. His words are his prayers. His hopes are few. His angels are his two children and his savior his wife.

He has published many works of poetry in such distinguished journals as ‘The Hudson Review’ and ‘The Southern Journal’ as well as short works such as ‘The Smiling Man’ and ‘The Indelible Stamina of Mason Muslevitch.’
He writes for sanity, is often misunderstood, and is rarely brilliant. If there is a simple line out there amongst the towering madness littered across the collective psyche he aims to find it. And more importantly, he aims to share his findings.

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