Livestreaming for Nonprofits


How Nonprofits Can Leverage Live-Streaming To Build Relationships & Raise Funds
Instructor: Chris Strub
This course will help your nonprofit understand the extraordinary value of its stories. This course will show you exactly how to best share those stories. And this course will help your nonprofit compete for that invaluable attention within your community — right where they are spending all their time: on Facebook.

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There are hundreds of instructional courses and explainers about live video, but this course is designed specifically for nonprofits of all sizes. We’ll outline non-profit-specific content ideas; technology that’ll fit a nonprofit budget; show you how to raise funds directly from Facebook Live; answer all the frequently asked questions I’ve heard from coast to coast; and, most importantly, help you recognize the stories at your organization that you need to be telling.

The course begins with an extensive list of nonprofits around the country that are, in fact, seeing measurable, repeatable success with live-streaming, like Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa; the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Society in West Virginia; Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas; Eat Fit NOLA in New Orleans; and more. This course will teach you exactly the steps that they are taking in their own communities, and demonstrate exactly how you can pursue the same winning strategies.

If your nonprofit is struggling to share its message with the world, this course was made specifically for you.

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