Confidence on Camera: 7 Steps to Present Your Power on any size screen (Kindle Edition)

Author: Lottie Hearn

Why You Need Confidence On Camera. . .Video has become the fastest growing marketing tool of our age. Whether for business or personal promotion, smartphones and webcams now enable anyone to connect facetoface across the world. But how well do you present on screen? It’s time to overcome your fears, learn what works for you, what not to do and get your message across with Confidence, Credibility and Charisma. Whether you are the expert in your field, the face of your team or attending an online interview, you need to be ‘real’ for your viewer. Now you can learn how. Confidence on Camera is the ultimate guide for you the online presenter. Plan, present and project your power on any size screen.

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Lottie Hearn is the Confidence on Camera Coach who loves helping you to be the best presenter you can be. She has spent 25 years working with small, medium and multinational companies in the UK, Hong Kong, Australasia and now Ireland. Diverse experiences from stage, TV, radio and professional speaking led Lottie to develop her coaching expertise and a passion for training. Through her unique presenter programs thousands of presenters have now been empowered by her playful training style and on screen smile.

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